Female with a beard mask gets travellers in a tizz. Picture: screenshot/Tik Tok.
Female with a beard mask gets travellers in a tizz. Picture: screenshot/Tik Tok.

WATCH: Plane passengers agog over woman’s beard mask

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jun 7, 2021

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With mask-wearing an essential requirement during Covid-19, travellers are innovative in their approach to their masks.

Whether it is bold quotes, funny memes or jewelled masks – many travellers want to make a statement.

One woman wore a beard-inspired mask that looked like she had a face full of hair and her mask pulled down during a recent flight.

The mask caused some curious stares from travellers as they disembarked – some who believed that the lady had a beard (which is completely fine if she did).

In a viral Tik Tok video, the female passenger with her beard mask shares how two women reacted.

“On the plane with my bearded mask. I am a female wearing a manly mask,” she posts on the video.

She shows the masks and then flips the camera to show the travellers’ reactions.

In the video, one of the women nudges the lady in front of her to alert her to the woman with a “beard”. The woman in the front carrying a red backpack then casually looks up at the overhead compartment as if to disguise the fact that she is taking a peek.

The other woman occasionally looks at the woman with the “beard”.

Both female passengers had their masks on.

“La de da de da … I’ll just look up the ceiling so it won’t be obvious", she posted in the 13-second clip.

She eventually gets a look when disembarking.

The lady in question has been showcasing the reactions of people when out and about with her mask.

The plane video, in particular, received over 16 million views.

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