Picture: Tesla
Picture: Tesla

Tesla offers monthly subscription package

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jul 26, 2021

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Tesla is offering a monthly subscription for its Full Self Driving (FSD) package for $199 per month.

The world-famous car manufacturer has previously sold its FSD package for a one-time fee of $10,000, but Tesla has now changed its long-term policy, offering the package through a monthly subscription instead.

This means that drivers won't be tied in to a long-term commitment and it could therefore prompt a spike in interest in the package.

On the Tesla website, it's confirmed that Tesla owners can cancel their monthly FSD subscription at any time.

However, only vehicles with FSD computer hardware 3.0 or above, plus either Basic or Enhanced Autopilot configurations, are eligible for the product.

The change has been implemented shortly after Elon Musk confessed that making a success of self-driving technology has proven tougher than he expected.

The billionaire businessman - who is the CEO of Tesla Motors - took to Twitter to provide an update on the manufacturer's latest efforts.

He wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "FSD 9 beta is shipping soon, I swear!

"Generalized self-driving is a hard problem, as it requires solving a large part of real-world AI. Didn’t expect it to be so hard, but the difficulty is obvious in retrospect.

"Nothing has more degrees of freedom than reality“.

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