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Drunk passenger tied down with rope, wire

By Time of article published Aug 22, 2014

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New Delhi -

A drunk air passenger was tied down by cabin crew after he allegedly tried to bite other passengers and ripped clothing off two crew members on a flight from Melbourne to New Delhi, a news report said on Friday.

The pilot of the Air India flight first requested a diversion to Singapore to offload the unruly Indian man, the Times of India reported.

When it became clear the diversion would take several hours, cabin crew tied the suspect to his seat using ropes and wires, the report said.

He was handed over to security after arrival in the Indian capital.

“Indian carriers have witnessed scores of such acts either by inebriated passengers or other perfectly fine people who suddenly acted strange,” a senior pilot told the newspaper, saying such unruly passengers posed a risk.

It was fine to punish them strictly back on the ground, but “the critical issue is keeping them in check when the plane is in air”, he said.

Another pilot questioned Indian airlines' leniency with drinks.

“Foreign airlines are very strict,” he said. “Try asking for a third or fourth drink on any Western airline and the crew will firmly warn that you will be reported on arrival if you ask for more.” - Sapa-dpa

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