UK specialist brings the Ford Escort Mk2 back to life as a brand new car!

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Jan 8, 2021

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LLITHFAEN, WALES - Continuation specials and restomods. They’re all the rage today in an increasingly nostalgic world. Think Singer’s Porsche 911s, or Jaguar SVO’s ‘brand new’ E-Types. And there are many more, but the common thread is that they’re almost always fancy cars.

But now that is set to change with the revival of Ford’s MK2 Escort by MST Cars (a division of Motorsport Tools). What you see here, according to its makers, is the first ‘brand new’ Ford Escort Mk2 since 1980.

Granted, this is not a cheap and cheerful continuation car, starting at £65 000 in the UK before taxes, which equated to around R1.35 million at the time of writing. But that’s still a lot cheaper than most ‘continuation’ cars, and what you’re getting here is certainly not a vanilla-spec 1300 L with puke-inducing vinyl roof and dog-dish wheels. Instead, this new Mk2 is essentially a rally car for the road, complete with a roll cage and numerous other race-focused bits that are sure to make this an extremely enjoyable car to drive.

The car you see in the pictures was inspired heavily by the Group 4 rally car, but customers have numerous options to choose from - in fact they can even opt for a Mk1 Escort!

Among the engine options is a 2.5-litre Duratec as well as BDG and Millington units and all of them are said to offer around 150kW. Buyers can also choose between six-speed H-pattern and sequential gearbox options, while suspension choices are between Ohlins, Bilstein and Reiger. Other highlights include a Life Racing ECU, AP Racing brakes and an Atlas Axle. Furthermore, a bit of modern convenience comes in the form of power steering, which was never fitted to the original Mk2s.

The cars feature new bodyshells, which can also be purchased separately for those working on their own Escort project.

Motorsport Tools / MST says it will release more information on the cars soon, but its order books are open and the company says it will export to international markets if desired. Find out more on the Motorsport Tools Facebook page.

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