Kanye West. Picture: Twitter
Kanye West. Picture: Twitter

Kanye West's bizarre new haircut has fans in a frenzy

By Shingai Darangwa Time of article published Oct 20, 2021

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There's been many moments over the past few years where Kanye West has defied belief and felt more like a fictional character than an actual living, breathing human being.

His appearance at the White House to endorse former US president Donald Trump in 2019 had the hallmarks of a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

Last year, in synching his own presidential bid, he held a rambling rally where he went on a wild rant about having tried to abort his unborn baby.

More recently he held several launch events for his album Donda that saw him sleep in a windowless locker room at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for several days as he tried to finish his album at the 11th hour.

Somehow, these antics have become normal.

Now, in the aftermath of his chaotic album roll-out and his troubled personal life, West seems to be ramping up the weirdness. On Monday, it was revealed that West, who was born Kanye Omari West, had legally changed his name to just Ye. He now has no middle or last name.

As that news made the rounds, West was pictured sporting a rather unusual public "disguise".

The billionaire rapper and fashion designer has been appearing in public wearing a variety of masks for several months now, but this one might just be his most unusual one yet.

He then posted a picture of his new haircut, which looks like a bunch of random patches on his head.

He was also pictured at McDonald's in Sweden rocking the new cut as usual.

As expected, Twitter had a lot to say:

"Kanye be wearing disguises like he’s a villain in scooby doo," Tweeted @didjesusdrop along with a picture of the new disguise.


@bitchitz999 shared a hilarious video depicting Ye leaving the barber:" Kanye West leaving the barber:"


"On behalf of my Xhosa people," added @QueOrSomething. "Kanye West didn't invent umgqholozo."

"Must be going through a rough patch," added @annadalee_.


"Kanye letting Stevie Wonder cut his hair for a sample clearance," joked @wowhespittin.

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