Booksy operates as the ultimate management system for services such as hairstylists, therapists, nail techs and beauty spas.
Booksy operates as the ultimate management system for services such as hairstylists, therapists, nail techs and beauty spas.

Booksy: Seamless appointments in just a few clicks

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Aug 25, 2021

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There’s no doubt that there’s an app for just about anything these days. However, what if we told you that there’s one app that does it all?

Whether it’s booking your next haircut at a local hair salon or on-demand beauty and wellness treatments, such as facials, massages, mani or pedis; with Booksy, in just a few simple clicks, you can book your next appointment with ease!

We know that as a working woman and mom, finding the time to make an appointment for yourself or your kids can be challenging. From being caught up between a nine to five job to running household errands for your family, phoning to book your next beauty and wellness appointment could be the last thing on your mind. Booksy keeps you organised!

Say goodbye to pen and paper appointments, thanks to the Saas app, Booksy. Unlike most scheduling apps, the app provides customers and business owners with a more personalised booking experience. Not only do clients and business owners have access to a more convenient booking experience, the app also provides business owners with more accessibility to clients.

Think about it, who has time to make phone calls these days. At best, most smartphone users are switching to occasional WhatsApp calls. Accounting for the most tech-savvy generation, Gen Z and Millennials spend most of their time online switching between various apps. Hence, why using an app to market your business would be a great marketing opportunity.

Operating as the ultimate management system for services such as hairstylists, therapists, nail techs and beauty spas, Booksy has become a go-to for many clients and business owners. And while the app makes booking appointments convenient and straightforward, it also allows customers to let down their hair, relax and connect with new beauty and wellness professionals.

Picture this: You’re a bride-to-be and it's the last few weeks of your wedding preparations. Between the final dress fittings and last-minute seating arrangements, you haven’t had the time to book an appointment to get your nails or hair done. However, upon hearing about Booksy and its wide range of South African listed stores, booking an appointment at your nearest ladies spa, salon or nail and beauty studio has never been easier OR more convenient.

According to a national survey by Booksy, a study of 13 million hair professionals showcased that 43% of them feel like they play two roles: The local hairdresser creating makeovers and a counsellor supporting their clients’ mental health. If you think about it, it’s fair of them to feel that way. People come in for their appointment, unwind and engage in a conversation that allows them to vent in a safe and relaxing space. The survey also shows that barbers are 37% more likely to be listened to by clients for advice.

Amidst the global pandemic, data has also shown that the most popular topics clients discuss with their barber are the pandemic, family life, work, personal relationships, physical health and mental health. Customers are finding comfort in their local hair and beauty professionals, but clients also have to take their mental health and well-being into consideration.

Whether you are looking to get your nails done, book a cut for your kids or simply in the mood to unwind with a relaxing massage, Booksy has it all. Listing over 700 SA stores, booking your next beauty and wellness appointment has never been easier. Say goodbye to botched hair dye jobs, back pains and last minute appointments and treat yourself today!

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