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Picture: Pinterest.

How to incorporate beautiful candle décor into your home

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Apr 8, 2021

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With their warm glow and ornate designs, candles are both functional and decorative, making them super ideal for adding cosiness and vibrancy to dull spaces.

Here are 5 decorative ways to decorate your home with candles:

Coffee table

A neat pile of books, fashion magazines, a gifted bonsai or a bowl of seashells from past ventures to the beach are all the usual suspects for coffee table decor. For a fresher, more styled look, try putting together a tray of succulents and candles of varying heights. The succulents require minimal attention and the candles can be lit for a cosy glow, setting the mood for movie nights.

Table runner

Hosting a dinner party? Make your decor something a little more special by using tall, slender candles. Vases of flowers and foliage look beautiful but they cost a pretty penny and can only really be used once (if they aren’t fake). Place the candles across the length of the table in clusters for a grouped effect that will add more interest to the area. For a more elegant, upgraded look, wedge greenery or baby’s breath between the candles.

Fire place

As the days get cooler, the need to make your home feel like a cosy, winter haven becomes increasingly important. Many homes come with fireplaces that are boarded off and cannot be used. This easy hack will make it feel like you have a roaring fire going at home. All you have to do is place your candle collection where the wood for the fireplace would go. Do this with meaning and purpose so that it does not appear random. Of course, this mini fire should never be left unsupervised.

Candle decor

Photo frames, ornaments and knick knacks accumulated over the years form the basis of most people’s home decor. Sitting on shelves, side tables and all around the home, they just appear to accumulate dust as they serve no real purpose. This is why candles are so great, they are both decorative and functional. Funky candles in weird and wonderful twisted shapes in a range of vibrant colours are all the rage as far as home decor goes. Place them anywhere in the home to immediately liven up the area.

Bathroom glow

Bathrooms are now a place for rest and relaxation. Set the mood for your self care routine with the warmth of glowing candles. Set them around the vanity, bathtub or shower for some decoration. Scented candles are also a great idea as they give off beautiful smells of lavender and chamomile that can be soothing.

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