Would you have your coffee wit mayonnaise? Picture: A.Boris
Would you have your coffee wit mayonnaise? Picture: A.Boris

Twar as mayonnaise brand Hellmann's tells consumers to have their coffee with mayo

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Oct 8, 2021

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Philadelphia writer Jim Salisbury shook the internet in 2017 after he revealed that he adds mayonnaise to his coffee.

This information is hard to swallow, we know.

But American brand popular for its mayonnaises, dressings, and spreads, Hellmann's agrees that it is the right thing to do.

What sparked Salisbury’s confession was one Twitter user who was making mac and cheese who ran out of milk and asked if cottage cheese was a suitable replacement.

He struck in to share his tale, but the world was not ready for this crime against coffee. Just like how people were not ready when Hellmann's told them coffee goes well with mayonnaise.

In a Twitter thread, the company wrote that mayo and coffee go well together, but people were not having it.

American singer, Dionne Warwick even went as far as blocking the Hellmann’s account.

Explaining why she blocked the account, Warwick said it’s because “they want us to put mayonnaise in our coffee”, and she won’t tolerate it.

With all the backlash, the company did not back down as they further stated that, “it wasn’t a typo, mayo in your coffee is called having a sophisticated palette”.

In another tweet, they outlined the benefits of putting mayo in your coffee which they said include: “mayo in your coffee, and coffee in your mayo”.

Tweeps were left disgusted by this concoction.

@skol_brian wrote: “The only off the wall use for mayo is for grilled cheese and searing steak. Just stop with this.”

@nycbubbles wrote: “I love you intensely, Hellmann’s, but this tweet is pure violence.”

“sorry Hellmann's social media person you’ve gone too far”, wrote @Ieowulf.

As much as most tweeps were disgusted, one user commented that he might drink coffee at this point.

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