Turn basic instant noodles into a yummy dish. Picture: Pixabay
Turn basic instant noodles into a yummy dish. Picture: Pixabay

Easy ways to take your boring instant noodles to the next level

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Jul 24, 2021

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Instant noodles are a pantry staple in my kitchen.

I never leave the grocery store without throwing at least six packs in my trolley.

They are easy to make. So much so that even my kids know how to help themselves to bowl of noodles.

A piping hot bowl of noodles is the perfect, quick fix, snack to slurp on on a cold winter’s day.

Instant noodles. Picture: Pexels

You can’t scroll through TikTok without seeing someone eating noodles. Whether they are challenging others to endure the suffering of the extremely hot and spicy ones or doing ASMR videos, noodles very popular.

People are doing the craziest things with their noodles. From adding all kinds of condiments to putting their noodles on bread. It’s amazing what TikTokers come up.

Noodles are very versatile so if you’re looking to transform your just-add-water snack to an actual meal, here are a few trick on how to do so.

Add vegetables

Instant noodles are not the healthiest snacks but adding fresh veggies will add nutrients to the dish. So discard the “vegetable” flavour sachet and add real veg for freshness. Choose simple easy to cook vegetables like broccolli, cabbage and spinach.

Add vegetables to your noodles. Picture: Pexels

Add egg

Many Asian noodle dishes contains egg in one form or the other. Eggs are rich in protein and so easy to prepare. Usually, boiled eggs are used but scrambled, poached or even a simple fried egg will do the trick.

Egg noodles. Picture: Pexels

Add protein (other than eggs)

Here left-over really come in handy. We all know that left over roast chicken is a lifesaver! Shred up a few pieces and add it to your steamy hot noodles. Thinly slice last night’s steak into strips and add some broth and create your own beefy flavoured noodle. Ditch the packaged flavouring of course.

Beef noodles. Picture: Pexels

Not a meat-lover then tofu and mushrooms are your best friend!

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