Smoothies. Picture: Pexels (Element Digital)
Smoothies. Picture: Pexels (Element Digital)

Drinks that fight fatigue and those to avoid

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 15, 2021

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It sometimes feels like there is nothing you can do about fatigue, but changing your diet is an easy way to fight it.

Drinking the right liquids to beat fatigue doesn’t have to be difficult.

Below we share some of the drinks that will help you fight fatigue and those that you should avoid for a healthier diet.


Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, and a time where the vast majority of people fall short on nutrients. Instead of reaching for carb- and sugar-heavy cereal, pancakes or toast, fuel up with a superfood smoothie to help keep your energy, mood, and hunger balanced throughout the day.


Even being mildly dehydrated can leave you feeling weary and fatigued. According to Healthline, water facilitates the energetic processes of the body, which is an energy boost in itself. Try drinking only water when you would usually reach for any other drink and notice the difference.


Matcha gives you the buzz of coffee without the crash. Packed with antioxidants, half the caffeine of coffee, and balanced with the calming amino acid l-theanine, matcha not only helps with energy and brainpower, but it also fights fine lines and wrinkles, inhibits cancer cell formation, aids detoxification, and revs the metabolism.

Drinks to avoid:

Alcohol and sugary beverages

Experts reveal that most alcohol is very high in sugar, so drinking will make you feel tired because you will set off the sugar or insulin roller-coaster. If you do consume alcohol, make sure that you do it on a full stomach, as this will help to buffer the effect of the alcohol to some degree.

It is better avoided altogether if you’re suffering from tiredness. Try to avoid colas and sweetened fruit drinks, as many of them contain huge amounts of sugar.


They also reveal that caffeine (which is in coffee, tea, chocolate, and many colas) peps you up for a short while by stimulating the production of insulin. But then you crash, in the same way that you do with excess sugar.

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