Finding out what your partner wants ‒ and to get what you want: Linda Shaw’s new book Horoscope Hotties: Finding The Best Lovers In The Zodiac
Finding out what your partner wants ‒ and to get what you want: Linda Shaw’s new book Horoscope Hotties: Finding The Best Lovers In The Zodiac

Loads of advice in Horoscope Hotties

By Tanya Waterworth Time of article published Jul 24, 2021

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“You might not be Beethoven. But you can always learn to play the piano.”

That’s the opening line in the foreword of astrologer Linda Shaw’s new book, Horoscope Hotties: Finding The Best Lovers In The Zodiac, which sets the pace for this fun lover’s manual which looks at relationships, how to look for love and how to keep it.

In an interview with Independent on Saturday this week, Shaw said: “Relationships are the most important thing in our lives and to sustain any type of relationship, you have to have a good sex life. Sex is a skill and a talent and it’s supposed to be fun. We can all be better lovers ‒ find out what your partner wants, if you understand what your partner needs or wants, you’ll work out how to respond ‒ and to get what you want.”

Astrologer Linda Shaw gives loads of advice on relationships and sex in her new book Horoscope Hotties: Finding The Best Lovers In The Zodiac. SUSAN McKAY

So how does astrology come into all of this?

Shaw is one of South Africa’s most well-known astrologers, which includes her best seller Linda Shaw’s Horoscopes, as well as more than 20 years of forecasting horoscopes, which have appeared in multiple publications.

Her new book has been described as “the Zodiac Playbook which will help you understand the subtle strengths, weaknesses and compatibility levels each sign brings to the relationship table”.

The book is divided into easy to read chapters with the different signs of the Zodiac, featuring He: Who Is He Really? Upside and Flipside, How to Get His Attention, What’s He Like In Bed and; She: Who Is She Really? Upside and Flipside, How To Get Her Attention and How To Get Her Into Bed.

For example, an Aries She: “Sex with Miss Aries is an event. And it’s an event that’s been stage managed ‒ by her of course. She would have decided early on when she decided to sleep with you and organised her diary accordingly ‒ a girl has to make space for these things.”

Or a Taurus He: “This man oozes charm from every pore, and there’s absolutely no mistaking his intentions for the rest of the night. Subtle he is not. So if you’re hoping to escape his clutches, you’d better make it quick before your resolve deserts you.”

Shaw added that it’s not only about technique in the bedroom, but also the Approach, the Flirtation, the Seduction and the Suggestion and understanding the fears and hopes of a potential lover.

“Astrology is a language of energy, how we read each other and what you feel intuitively.”

She does one-on-one consultations, as well as horoscopes for different media and hosts a YouTube channel. She started astrology readings 25 years ago after going to a reading, which was given to her as a birthday gift.

“I was fascinated and went on an astrology course. I used to hand draw charts (with positions of the planets), which could take up to six hours each. It’s about knowing the planets and how they interact with each other and the different energies that come along with that.”

She decided to write her new book when, during lockdown, she signed up for a course on publishing and marketing which was being offered by an 85-year-old man.

Describing herself as “way over 60”, Shaw said, “the biggest demographic who are up-skilling themselves are the over-60 age group. We have to keep ourselves going, not slobbering in a wheelchair. So I thought I’d give it a try.”

She said writing the book was “easy” compared with learning about publishing a book.

“Writing the book only took a few months because it is a subject which is very familiar for me. I wanted it to be fun and light where you can flip through and find your sign. I’m not very organised so I go where the mood takes me, but I was consistent with writing the book. It was the rest of the stuff, publishing, design, marketing and distribution and even getting testimonials. It’s been a steep learning curve.”

A Pisces herself, Shaw is often recognised by the public, recalling that once she had been stopped by a traffic cop who asked her “when would her boyfriend be coming back”.

“People think I can perform miracles: someone once asked me if I could kill her husband’s lover.

“In essence, astrology is not fortune telling, but is a tool for personal growth and understanding ourselves better. You can access your own abilities and create your own future,” she said.

Horoscope Hotties is available on Amazon at R225

The Independent on Saturday

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