The Cosmic Egg by New Moon. Picture: Supplied
The Cosmic Egg by New Moon. Picture: Supplied

5 not-to-missed shows on day 7 of the Virtual National Arts Festival

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Jul 1, 2020

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The Virtual National Arts Festival (vNAF) is kicking off July with a series of new releases on the virtual programme. 

So for those who always wanted to visit the National National Arts Festival but didn't make it, this is your chance to visit from your couch.

Here are some of the picks for July 1: 

Attempt on Dying by Boris Nikitin (Live performance at 6.30pm)

One year after the death of his father, author and director Boris Nikitin begins to write the story of his Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease. 

The disease made short work of destroying his father, a year from diagnosis to death. It is a declaration that changes everything. 

In "Attempt on Dying", Nikitin combines the story of this outing with the story of his own coming-out as a gay man 20 years ago and develops a radical and at the same time intimate theatrical evening about what it means to take the step into the public eye, making oneself attackable and vulnerable. 

Nikitin’s play thereby fundamentally reinterprets vulnerability from a trait  that we usually prefer to hide from each other, to a courageous ability that arises in the act of its exposure.

Attempt on Dying by Boris Nikitin. Picture: Donata Ettlin

The Cosmic Egg by New Moon (On demand release. Available till July 16)

"The Cosmic Egg" is a virtual reality traditional dance theatre sci-fi musical film from Botswana. It is the story of an unusual ostrich egg hunt that takes the hunters through an unexpected journey from the past to a musical future. 

The story is told through Tswana, San and contemporary dances, traditional songs with some traditional instrumentation. 

A soundtrack comprised of original compositions and opera with narration in Setswana by Dr Leloba Molema and subtitled in English. 

Songs Are Like The Grass: Madosini in Concert- Episode 7 (On demand release. Available till July 16)

The National Arts Festival’s Featured Artist for 2020, Madosini has always tugged at the heartstrings of her beloved Eastern Cape but is now deemed a certifiable National Treasure with an international following. 

Catch this engrossing glimpse into the life and music of this celebrated artist.

Songs Are Like The Grass: Madosini in Concert. Picture: Supplied

Standard Bank Young Artists In Conversation (Webinar at 7pm)

All eyes are on the Standard Bank Young Artists at vNAF. We have watched them make their mark and pave the way for all future visionaries. Come and meet them in this free webinar.

Ami Faku On The Jazz Stage (On demand release. Available till July 16.)

Cool kids everywhere would agree that her ‘come up’ has been inspirational to witness. 

From singing in her bedroom for her then small online audience to being on one of the biggest jazz stages in the country, Ami Faku’s star continues to rise in this musical set, accompanied by other renowned musicians.

Ami Faku On The Jazz Stage. Picture: Supplied

Between these acts and so much more, be sure to purchase your day pass and tickets for at

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