Anesu’s torch is put out. Picture: Supplied
Anesu’s torch is put out. Picture: Supplied

Hell-bent on pulling the biggest blindside, Anesu fell victim to one in ’Survivor SA: Immunity Island’

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Aug 12, 2021

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I couldn’t help but worry about Tyson toying with fate when he bragged about being at the top of the hierarchy in M-Net’s “Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island”.

Following the ballsy ousting of Renier and Amy in episode 10, he straddled that fine line between cocky and confident with unfettered smugness.

He also chirped about Santoni, who is without a doubt the show’s weakest and most unstable person.

Tyson ranted: “People like Santoni cannot keep their mouth shut no matter how much you beg them.”

In the meantime, Anesu, who’s been like a dog with a bone since the previous tribal council, was determined to make a bold play to break the current formidable trio of Tyson, Kiran and Wardah.

Of course, Tyson was first prize for her.

At the reward challenge, the remaining eight Osidindile tribe members were divided into two teams: orange and green.

The winning team was rewarded with a test drive of the new Mahindra Thar to an idyllic location where a traditional braai feast awaited them.

For a change, the green team won and host Nico Panagio joked about the curse being broken. Of course, Tyson was quick to point out that it was done twice before.

That Tyson chose Nicole over Santoni at the start of the challenge left her furious. True to her nature, Santoni then wallowed in self-pity while plotting revenge.

Santoni wasn’t impressed to be on the losing team. Picture: Supplied

Meanwhile, as the winning team, Chappies, Nicole, Wardah and Tyson were over the moon to be tucking away into delicious food while cocooned in warm thoughts after reading letters from their loved ones back home.

Of course, being strategic is crucial to one’s survival in the game. And Chappies wasted no time in swaying Nicole to find a new alliance.

At the immunity challenge, Nico was disappointed to find that Chappies and Nicole were the only two castmates willing to battle for the individual immunity necklace.

The rest opted to take the sit-it-out option and tuck into a bowl of bolognese.

Of course, Chappies, who has been dubbed Aquaman after all his heroic efforts in the water challenges, won. And, in staying true to his alliance, sent Santoni off to immunity island.

She stayed and played the game. Although she lost, she found the sought-after hidden immunity idol, which extends her life in the game.

Ahead of the tribal council, Anesu tried to convince Anela to join her alliance. He was a swing vote to both sides and this put him in a precarious position.

Tyson, Nicole, Wardah and Chappie enjoyed their traditional braai spread after winning the reward challenge. Picture: Supplied

Tyson was aware that everyone was looking to pounce on him. And his sidekick Kiran, who might just win if he’s cunning can see him through the end, once again played a clever long-game.

During the chat with Nico, ahead of them casting their votes, Santoni poked the bear once again. She called Anela out on planting the seeds of chaos.

In the end, the person who was hell-bent on pulling the biggest blindside fell victim to it.

Yes, Anesu was voted out. But she made one last sneaky play before her torch was snuffed out - she slipped her tribal pass to Chappies.

She said: “I’ve loved every single moment of the past 28 days. I feel like everything I did in the ‘Survivor’ journey went stellar. I had such a good time. Definitely leaving too soon but I feel I left my mark.”

“Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island” airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on Thursday at 8.30pm.

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