Nataniël is the host of kykNET’s ’Terwyl ek wag’.
Nataniël is the host of kykNET’s ’Terwyl ek wag’.

Nataniël’s blast to the past in new lifestyle show, ’Terwyl ek wag’

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Sep 8, 2021

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Celebrated TV and stage personality Nataniël returns to the small screen with a new lifestyle show, “Terwyl ek wag”, on kykNET.

Aside from several stage productions lined up for this year, the best-selling author and chef explore subjects he’s at home with, like food, culture, history and craftsmanship.

Of course, he unpacks it in his own inimitable style: with flamboyance, wit and disarming confidence.

Nataniël is no stranger to the small screen He’s done several TV shows: “Another Life With Nataniël) (1998-1999), “Project Fame” (2004), “Die Nataniël Tafel”, which ran for five seasons (2012-2014) and “Edik van Nantes”, which he did with his brother, Erik le Roux (2015–2020), to mention a few.

On “Terwyl ek wag”, he chats to a plethora of experts and artisans while revisiting his family history. And it is a remarkable story.

In 1721, Jean le Roux (Nataniël’s French ancestor) waited 17 years to buy a piece of land between Cape Town and Stellenbosch, after he and his family fled to South Africa, from Blois in France, to start a new life on the farm.

Part of the heritage of the French-Huguenots influenced food, agriculture, wine production, and cookery forever in South Africa. This is the starting point for host Nataniël’s show.

He explained: “ ’Terwyl ek wag’ might sound like just another cooking show, but it is so much more and very apt for these strange times. History repeats regularly and in various ways.”

Every episode, which is filmed in the original more than 300-year-old farmhouse, is unique in its approach and theme.

In redesigning the kitchen, lounge and porch studio with artists, furniture makers and designers, he revisits his family’s past.

And the story is woven around the river, vineyard and farm road, which is iconic to the property.

Producer Berdene Burger added: “Every adventure with Nataniël promises to be filled with resourceful ideas, useful information and is visually pleasing with lots of entertainment, and ‘Terwyl ek wag’ is no exception. Nataniël weaves the practical every day with enchanting inspiration.”

Director Janhendrik Burger shared: “We’ve walked a long road with Nataniël and it’s always inspiring to work with him. It’s unbelievable to see how a thousand different ideas get woven in one tapestry of beauty.”

Since the arrival of Covid-19, people have focused more on family and this show, through Nataniël’s anecdotes, tips and surprises, tugs at the heartstrings while inspiring new change.

Interestingly enough, the costumes on the show are inspired by the French Huguenot fashion, culture and historic designs from the 17th and early 18th century.

Talk about a sentimental mix of old and new.

“Terwyl ek wag” airs on kykNET from Monday, October 4 at 8pm.

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