Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. Photo: Hannah McKay/ Reuters
Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. Photo: Hannah McKay/ Reuters

Duchess Meghan's half-brother thinks she's changed

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Aug 22, 2018

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Duchess Meghan's half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. thinks she's "changed" since she became famous and lacks compassion.

Thomas Markle Jr. is shocked by the way his sibling - who married Prince Harry back in May - has been ignoring her father Thomas Markle Snr. since it emerged that he had set up paparazzi pictures to rake in some cash before her wedding.

He was convinced the 37-year-old former actress - who shot into the limelight when she landed a role in 'Suits' - would have at least checked in on her dad after he underwent surgery on his heart three months ago, but he thinks she's lost her caring nature. 

Speaking to the, Thomas Jr. said: "It's not the Meghan I remember. The Meg I remember was very caring and she cared about everybody - that was important to her. Since Hollywood and being on that show - being a celebrity has changed her. Maybe she feels she is above everybody, maybe even more now.

"But if she wasn't with Prince Harry right now - even if she was still on 'Suits' right now - she would have stopped what she was doing to go and visit him and make sure he's ok. I think a lot of this probably has to do with Meghan. Who knows what she told them? It's very obvious that she does have a family. That's probably another issue for my father."

This isn't the first time Meghan has had a fraught relationship with her father though as she also reportedly distanced herself from him when she bagged the role in 'Suits'.

Thomas Jr. said: "I think Meghan should have handled this differently. I think Meghan should have handled this from the beginning and I think it got ignored and swept under the carpet for so long, it's a shame where it's ended up, especially between her and my father. She's capable of doing anything, she's just got to want to do it. If she wants to make amends, by all means, she can do that. But she's got to want to do it.

"Before she went to 'Suits', they were just in constant contact all the time and that's all he would ever talk about. He dedicated all his time to her. But when she couldn't give him the time he needed or wanted to spend with her, he got upset about that.

"She didn't need him like she needed him before - she was getting everything she wanted from being a star and being on that show. He would have to reach out to her and I think their relationship became a lot more distant then and that hurt his feelings."

Thomas Jr. hasn't had the best relationship with his father himself but he doesn't think anyone "deserves" to be treated the way the retired lighting director has been recently. 

He explained: "I don't think he deserves that kind of treatment from her. I think she owes him emotionally as his daughter to support him the way he supported her. To see all this go on in the media, from their relationship being so close and so tight-knit all her life to come to this, like she doesn't want to deal with him for what reasons I don't know.

"No father-daughter relationship should be like this. I feel for him because of how strong their relationship was and what it's become now. That's got to hurt anybody."

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