The Huawei P40 range is the second without Google Mobile Services (GMS) after the Mate 30 Pro and is proof that we can move forward without Google.
The Huawei P40 range is the second without Google Mobile Services (GMS) after the Mate 30 Pro and is proof that we can move forward without Google.

HUAWEI P40 Lite - Why it's the perfect phone for vloggers and bloggers

By Partnered Content Time of article published Jun 10, 2020

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Even though the lockdown continues, that does not mean the fabulous pictures and selfies need to stop!

Enter the HUAWEI P40 lite. Unlike various smartphones currently in the market, this phone features a unique quad camera design, with a matrix arrangement placed on the upper left corner of its back panel.

Although stylish and completely chic, these four cameras are very different from one another and have different uses.

Sleek quad camera design

Yes, you read that correctly. Four. 

The camera system includes a 48MP Main Camera, an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens, a 2MP Macro Lens and a 2MP Bokeh Lens. It enables you to capture wider, clearer and closer shots in most scenarios and enjoy more out of mobile photography.

Curved at four sides, it has rounded edges that feel compact and offer a comfortable grip, making it so much easier to take that perfect selfie.

It also boasts an innovative fingerprint sensor. The side-mounted fingerprint power button unlocks faster with a higher success rate, so you can unlock it with a single touch.

HUAWEI P40 lite’s main Camera can take high resolution photos thanks to its the native resolution of 48MP and powerful chipset capabilities. Zoomed in, the details still look sharp and fine.

The 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera has a sensor with pixel size measuring at 1.12μm and lens capturing 140% more field of view than the ordinary 78° wide angle lens. 

The 40mm Macro Lens above a 2MP sensor with 1.75μm pixels help users explore the beauty of the micro world.

Lastly, the dedicated bokeh lens creates a shallow depth of field as well as softening the background. If you are desperate for a new profile picture or just need a picture to 'pop', this is the perfect lens. 

Super Night Mode for Selfies

We all know what a struggle it is to take photos in the dark. It might be the best night of your life but the photo does not exactly reflect that. Under Super Night Mode, the camera can accurately detect dark environments and separate the subject and the background. 

For static photos, multi-frame enhancement is applied on the background to make the dark part brighter and clearer. 

Meanwhile, single-frame optimisation is adopted to highlight the subject with brightened skin tone and three-dimensional facial features.

Super Night mode

The handheld Super Night Mode is especially useful to take outstanding night photos without using a tripod. It makes use of image enhancement and noise reduction on RAW files, making the night sky photos seem cleaner with less noise. 

Beautification features

Beautification features are loved by many - but it is also very common in phones on the market. However, not all camera phones are able to provide real-time body beautification.

Thanks to Kirin 810’s AI algorithms, HUAWEI P40 lite can recognise the subject’s structure as well as posture and the surroundings. 

Using this information, the device can provide advice to users to help them with their form. 

Its AI system automatically generate the optimal beautification solution for users based on the real-time modelling conducted by a facial neural network algorithm and beautify special facial features including contouring for eyes, eye makeup, lips and nose. 

Additionally, it adjusts beautification solutions according the subject’s age and gender for more natural selfies. 

It is just like having a professional team responsible for makeup and styling - but in the palm of your hand!

AI Video Editor

Vlogging still remains widely popular and has gained momentum during lockdown as many share their experiences and life precious moments on video. Unfortunately, the post-editing process is a drag for a lot of us. 

The AI Video Editor on this phone makes to make post-editing much easier. It can add background music and trim a footage with minimal effort. Choose from various video transition effects or apply a template with just one tap.

Picture: IOL TECH

Picture: IOL TECH


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