DJ Sbu. Picture: Instagram
DJ Sbu. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: DJ Sbu addresses Zahara’s claims that he owes her money

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Sep 3, 2021

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DJ Sbu has finally responded to claims that songstress Zahara has made about him owing her money.

Zahara has continued to make claims that she is owed money by the DJ’s defunct record label TS Records.

Now DJ Sbu has made counterclaims that Zahara actually owes his company the money.

In an interview with Massiv Metro, DJ Sbu said that the issue with Zahara’s royalties for her album “Loliwe” wasn’t the story Zahara had painted it to be.

“We made history together – and I miss you Bulelwa, I miss you – but what I don’t like is she goes out and says I owe her money, because you know that’s a lie ... If you go down to the books at Universal Music, she actually owes us money and she doesn't know that,” DJ Sbu claimed.

“Zahara is getting 50% royalty rate and the record label is getting paid 50%, and it usually doesn't work like that,” said Sbu.

This week Zahara was a guest on Podcast and Chill’s special celebrity episodes that are airing on Channel O, where she spoke to host MacG about the dispute.

Zahara stood firm that she is owed money.

“They still owe me. It's for real bruh, I went to the news. I don't want to relive the past, mna.

“As much as, yes, they owe me so much, the problem is if I do not have money, then I have to go to court all the time and I have to hire a lawyer.

“Then I have to pay the lawyer with the money I don't have,” said Zahara.

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