Matshediso ’Tshedi’ Mholo. Picture: Instagram
Matshediso ’Tshedi’ Mholo. Picture: Instagram

Tshedi Mholo announces her departure from Malaika

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Nov 17, 2021

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Matshediso “Tshedi” Mholo is taking control of her destiny and doing things her own way.

Known best as a member of Malaika, the singer this week announced she was leaving the band.

In an official statement shared on her social media pages, Tshedi said she would no longer do public performances under the banner of Malaika.

She said there was no animosity involved in her exit but rather to give her room to start a new chapter in her career and grow.

“Being in the band took a toll on me on so many levels and I have reached a stage where I cannot carry the burden any further.

“I have constantly found myself under the pressure of being the only girl in the band and having to live up to certain expectations.

“Even after flying solo in 2013, it has been somewhat difficult to cut through the clutter without the shadow of the Malaika cloud following me every step of the way.

“It has been to my benefit in some instances and my downfall in some,” read part of the statement.

Malaika, best known for hit song “Destiny”, consisted of Tshedi, Bongani Nchang and the late Jabulani Ndaba.

The group toured Australia from 6-9 March in 2008 with “Australian Idols” 2007 finalist Tarisai Vushe as the supporting act.

They have won multiple awards and released four studio albums.

Tshedi went on to wish Bongani well in his career, granting him liberty to replace her.

“If there is one thing being part of Malaika has taught me over the years it is that life is too short to not chase any dream a person might have.

“That said, I hope my decision would serve as an inspiration to anyone out there who might not be scared to chase their goals individually and independently”.

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