Lady Gaga in one of her many costume changes. Picture: Instagram
Lady Gaga in one of her many costume changes. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Major moments of the MTV VMAs 2020

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Aug 31, 2020

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It was always going to be a weird show. A laugh track, green screen performances, weird red carpet interviews and lies from the hosts of the pre-show that they are backstage at the VMAs.

Of course the VMAs couldn't possibly be live this year. As much as they purported to be, they were not. There were times where I felt for Keke Palmer, doing her best to drop her funny skits to an 'audience' meanwhile there was probably three people in the room with her. But try, she did and I think she has what it takes to host the VMAs live.

You need to only watch her being interviewed on talk shows and see just how funny she is and her impeccable comic timing.

Remember that viral Titanic comment she made on the Steve Harvey Show? Or the time she was going around Late Night TV talking about 'The Gag Is'? Or that time she expertly shut Wendy Williams down, while still making the audience laugh?

She's got the potential to be a stand-up comedienne and if she doesn't see that for herself, she's sleeping on the job. Plus would you believe she is the first Black woman to host the awards solo, since 1987?

She opened the VMAs with a short monologue that addressed social issues like police violence and also paid tribute to Chadwick Boseman, who died of cancer on Friday. She also performed her new song, 'A Snack' and reminded me it's sometimes okay not to be a multi-hyphenate.

So, which moments moved us at the VMAs? There were many and not all of them were good.


These girls are superstars and it irks me just how much they are not being given the props they deserve. But watch - in a few years time they are likely to be the biggest girl group in the world.

They finally performed Ungoldy Hour, the title track from their album and it was glorious. The concept, costume and the choreography is the stuff of legends. The silver bodysuits were very extra terrestrial and very much of the moment.

These girls have been impressing us with their remote performances and this was one of their best and also in my list of the top performances at the VMAs this year.


Who made the decision that the Black Eyed Peas (now with a new member after Fergie left the group) should wear white pants and then have their crotchular areas being lit up, while they thrust for their lives?

It was overtly sexual and not as interesting as they would it would be. Of all the things you may want us to focus on, we don't want to look at your nether regions. Also, why perform 'I Got a Feeling' to lift our spirits, instead of 'Where Is The Love?' What a weird performance.


Weep. Cancel Culture doesn't exist. I have said this for 18 months once again it was evident that I am correct. Doja Cat may have had one of the biggest songs this year, with Say So, but has she been forgiven for being part of incel groups that stoke racial hatred and bigotry?

Anyway her performance was great. Also set in some alien universe in space, she mocked herself in the intro, acting like a news reporter and asking: "Who the **** is Doja Cat?" before she rocked the stage performing Say So and Like That.

That dance break was really good and I'm certain that the pop world will forgive her. After all, she gave the people content and that's what the stans want. Something to lose their minds over. Plus, she did the TikTok choreography to Say So and if that is not one way to win over the audience, there's little else you can do.


2011 Lady Gaga came back with a vengeance and I loved it! Of course she was going to take her crazy antics and dial them up by a 100 and make her performance memorable?

The pandemic gave Gaga an excuse to return to her crazy fashion of her days as a rising pop star. Her avant-garde gas masks, including one with a digital readout, added to her performance looks.

It was her first time on the VMA stage since 2013 and she performed a number of songs from her latest album, Chromatice and brought out Ariana Grande for their hit single, Rain On Me. What I love best about Gaga is her dedication. She goes all the way. She fully commits, crazy outfits included. A true definition of a pop star.

The MTV VMAs show will air on Monday night on MTV (DStv 130), from 6pm (pre-show) and from 7pm until 9pm.

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