Two Hues, a South African short film, has bagged another award at an international film festival. Picture: Supplied
Two Hues, a South African short film, has bagged another award at an international film festival. Picture: Supplied

Local film 'Two Hues' scores another award at Berlin Short Film Festival

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published May 4, 2021

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South African short film “Two Hues” is again making waves on the global stage.

Shot in Cape Town, the film, which has been screened at a festival in the UK, was awarded the best director prize at the North Europe International Film Festival last month, and has now been awarded “Best Women Empowerment Film” at the Berlin Short Film Festival this past weekend.

This is the third international award since its release on the international festival circuit in January for "Two Hues“.

“It is an amazing achievement for the film to receive accolades from countries in which the cinema culture is so very advanced, like the UK, France and Germany. I believe the juries of these festivals appreciate the craft displayed in the film,” said award-winning film-maker Weaam Williams.

At the core of the film is the theme of gender-based violence and the emotional and mental trauma caused by it, conveyed via a character-driven narrative of a bi-polar photographer.

“Two Hues“ is a high concept film which relies on conceptual story-telling techniques within the scope of a limited budget.

“The film is testimony to the challenges faced by women in South Africa and the world. May we continue to raise our voice against gender-based, physical, verbal and emotional violence. May we continue the narrative of Muslim women and our struggles, in a society which feels the need to legislate our bodies, either via Shariah or in France via law,” said Williams.

“Two Hues” is strongly influenced by French new wave cinema, defined by its rejection of traditional conventions, room for experimentation, and use of socio-political and existential themes.

“Two Hues“ draws inspiration from the ’90s three colours trilogy, by the Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski, particularly “Three Colours Blue”, starring Juliet Binoche.

“Many film festivals have contacted me via social media, and offer me fee waivers to submit to their festivals.

“I am not able to follow up with all of them, however, I am happy to have participated in the festivals I have submitted to. After an incredible amount of deliberation about the making of ’Two Hues’, I am ecstatic at the film’s international success”, added Williams.

“Two Hues“ participated in the Montreal International Film Festival earlier this month and will be screened on The Toronto Film Channel on May 3 and 4 as a part of the official selection of the festival. It will also be screened in Los Angeles in May, as well as the Kalakari Film Festival in India.

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