Riky Rick. Picture: Instagram/@young_stilo_
Riky Rick. Picture: Instagram/@young_stilo_

WATCH: Riky Rick asks fans to not 'forget what Mpura stood for’

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Aug 20, 2021

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A visibly heartbroken Riky Rick recently took to Instagram to offload his emotions about the death of amapiano artist Mongezi “Mpura” Stuurman.

The “Ungazincishi” hitmaker, who is still “reeling from shock and sadness”, wanted to get a message across tofans and young artists in the music industry about not forgetting Mpura and what he stood for.

Captioning the 12-minute video “Kuyabheda bafethu”, which loosely translates to “It's ridiculous guys”, Riky kept a T-shirt with Mpura’s face on his lap while he drove around and listened to Mpura’s “Impilo Yase Sandton”.

There were moments when the rapper was lost for words, took deep sighs and even held tears back.

In the video, Rick discussed the downside of the music industry and said when you come across someone like Mpura, you should take care of and celebrate them.

“You will be very hard pressed to find a type of character like Mpura, especially in this industry ... It’s lonely and darker than you think it is,” said Rick.

“The industry is going to amplify your pain, and when pain amplifies it becomes anger, it becomes over-indulgence in alcohol and drugs or whatever your vice is. The industry really makes all of your demons worse for most people.

“When a person like Mpura comes along, who has a pure heart and who just wants to get his story out while smiling, who doesn’t want to fight, who just wants to be part of bringing joy to the world, you need to take those people and put them above anybody else. Those are the people you need to take care off and celebrate.”

He added: “Don’t forget Mpura. Don’t forget his music. Don’t forget his energy but most importantly, don’t forget what he was about, don’t forget what he stood for.”

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