Olwee aka Ms Party. Picture: Instagram
Olwee aka Ms Party. Picture: Instagram

Tweeps rally behind Olwee aka Ms Party after getting 'backlash' for dancing video

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Oct 18, 2021

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After Uncle Waffles (Lungelihle Zwane) gained a lot of attention for her dancing moves, Olwee, aka Ms Party, was caught in a sea of nasty comments for a video posted by a Twitter user.

For those who are not familiar with all this, Olwee has wowed Mzansi audiences with his expert DJing skills and epic dance moves from festivals such as Bacardi Holiday Club and even during hard lockdown with DJ Zinhle’s PJ Party sessions.

Following Uncle Waffles’ video going viral, Twitter user @khawula_musa shared a video of Olwee from a gig the previous night that saw many comments in the mentions accusing Ms Party of copying the viral sensation and making fun of Olwee’s dancing along with comments that can be perceived as homophobic.

Tweeps quickly came in to defend Olwee with the “King X Queens” hitmaker also stepping in to set the record straight.

Speaking to IOL Entertainment about the social media uproar, Olwee addressed why he responded to what was going on with the video.

“I’m happy with Uncle Waffles. I didn’t know Uncle Waffles until this morning when I then decided to prod the story further to see what everyone’s talking about ... People thought that I’m copying Uncle Waffles.

“The video was posted such that people thought it was happening in real-time yesterday, when in fact that video was shot on Saturday.

“Musa went and chose that video and posted it during this whole thing, while everyone was talking about Uncle Waffles, knowing very well that the story is gonna turn and be around me.”

He went on to explain that the post lacked context since it only said Ms Party on the decks, and that Musa hadn’t previously posted anything about him and that his DJing wasn’t something newsworthy

Olwee also said that in the video he appears to be offbeat because there is different audio in the video to what was being played.

He continued: “I definitely believe that people knew that the beat that’s on there is not the same one as the actual thing that’s happening on there, but because of their homophobia, people were like ’Okay, in fact we’re gonna laugh at this one'.

“People were laughing at how I’m dressed. Inside the comment, there were people who were saying ’What is this?’ Not ’Who is this?’ I was described as a ’what’ by various people.

“So everything that happened was then laced with homophobia. Even people who’ve seen other videos of me were not saying anything, they were also laughing.

“Which is fine, I know the industry that I’m in. I then decided that I’m gonna say something because, wasn’t gonna say anything, I was just gonna leave.

“But it was escalating, and this Musa was not deleting this video. And the point I wanted to make was, for one, I’m not copying this girl.

“I’ve been doing this for years. So what I wanted to affirm was that I’ve definitely been doing this for a long time. I wasn’t saying that she's copying me ... I never made it about me, but the minute people started to make this thing about me copying someone all of a sudden, when I’ve been doing this for years, I had to make that point known.”

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