Riky Rick. Picture: Instagram
Riky Rick. Picture: Instagram

Riky Rick says 'turn super spreaders into super vaxers'

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Jun 30, 2021

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Local rapper Riky Rick tweeted “turn super spreaders into super vaxers” as a suggestion on how to speed up the vaccination process.

We’re back on lockdown level 4 and South Africans are crying out for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Looking at global statistics we are seriously lagging behind in the numbers of people vaccinated in comparison to other countries.

According to the World Health Organisation, 49% of the UK’s population and 46.5% of the US’s have already been fully vaccinated.

To date, less than 5% of the South Africa population has been vaccinated.

So it is completely understandable why Mzansi is begging for the vaccines to be rolled quicker.

South African rapper Riky Rick has come up with an idea on how to get a mass of people vaccinated at one time.

Mass gatherings are strictly forbidden during the current lockdown regulations but the rapper suggests that these gatherings would be the ideal place to vaccinate a large group of people.

Pointing to how the US used such gatherings to encourage people to come forward and get the jab, he tweeted, “America started like this… they used event organisations to fight vaccine hesitancy, which is very high in SA.

“People aren’t showing up to there vaccine appointments in SA,” and showing screen grabs of online articles.

This came after his tweet suggesting that super spreaders should be turned into super vaxers.

He said, “mass gatherers” ... have HUGE databases of people who are crying to be vaccinated just to continue those activities.

“GOVERNMENT should be working with these industries on the VAX ROLL-OUT. TURN SUPER SPREADERS INTO SUPER VAXERS.“

His followers have come out in full support of this with one saying that he’ll even pay the extra R100 for the vaccine.

This is what a few of his followers who are in full support of his suggestion.

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