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Sunday, May 22, 2022

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'On The Table' podcast with Tshepi Vundla gets major backlash

Tshepi Mabs, DJ Black Velvet, Tshepi Vundla and Noluthando Nkwali. Picture: YouTube Screenshot

Tshepi Mabs, DJ Black Velvet, Tshepi Vundla and Noluthando Nkwali. Picture: YouTube Screenshot

Published Sep 13, 2021


Influencer and content creator Tshepi Vundla joined the “On The Table” women for the season finale – but the episode has rubbed many people the wrong way.

Hosted by Tshepi Mabs, Noluthando Nkwali and DJ Black Velvet on MacG’s Podcast and Chill Network, the panel recapped some of the topics discussed over the season with their special guest.

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Some of the topics included baby showers, one night stands, fake friends and dating men.

A clip from the podcast went viral where the women were discussing what women bring to the table in heterosexual relationships.

Specifically in reference to women on the Twitter timeline's regular use of sbwl (craving, desiring, yearning or wanting).

Vundla kicks the discussion by saying: “You know what I can’t stand about girls on social media? Sbwl baecation, sbwl iPhone12 ... One, where are your parents? Two, can’t you buy it for yourself but you’re expecting men to do these things for you.“

With the Ghost Lady chiming in and saying: “Even worse like sbwl KFC.“

To which DJ Black Velvet added: “I still maintain guys run away from, run as fast as you can from a broke girl that’s constantly wanting money from you but can’t put sh*t on the table.“

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Tweeps weren’t pleased about the opinions and shared their thoughts online.

In another clip, the women continue discussing the topic with the Ghost Lady saying: “You know, there’s also this thing where women want to equate their beauty and all the things they’ve done and, no, the man must pay. Is that also fair?

“You see, now you put on your makeup, you put on your wig you come for a date. And he’s loving you, he sees you. Does he have to pay?”

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To which Vundla responds: “Are you a prostitute?“

This comment also didn’t sit well with tweeps with many users calling her out for shaming sex work.

Vundla is yet to respond to the backlash.

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Watch the full episode below:

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