DJ Lamiez Holworthy. Picture: Instagram
DJ Lamiez Holworthy. Picture: Instagram

DJ Lamiez Holworthy dusts trolls after they try to body shame her

By Shingai Darangwa Time of article published Oct 20, 2021

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Local radio DJ Lamiez Holworthy can’t catch a break when it comes to people trying to cyberbully her.

In a show of support for a Twitter user who’d posted her botched butterfly tattoo, the Metro FM offered to help her cover it.

“😫 nka scream’a gore! Askies baby,“ she Tweeted as a reply to the pics. ”Can I please pay for your cover up ko my tattoo artist?“

While some users praised her for having a good heart, others took the opportunity to throw shade at the DJ and criticise the move.

“You have money to waste,” one said, before Lamiez responded: “Kana Wena o tsena kae ko teng?! Don’t worry, I’ll wait.”

She went on to add that her and hubby Khuli Chana are doing just fine in making sure that their kids are taken care of.

“Hence I’d never need to cry for help - especially not from you. Now mind your business, otswe mo nna toe. Thanks.”

Others chose to body shame Lamiez by suggesting she shouldn't wear shorts because of her cellulite.

Lamiez emphatically shut down one troll who tried his luck with that advice: “Wow ya masipa!

“Not to wear shorts because YOU said so?! Wang nyela wena. Always these fake accounts trying to project their own insecurities on others.

“Well Mo Nna ke stop station ge! I’m an African woman and will be damned by your f****d up standards!”

Unfazed by the criticism, Lamiez brushed off the haters by posting a video of her rocking some shorts straight after.

She wrote: “Anyway, here’s a cool video of me in my element - in my SHORT SHORTS 😁”

Other tweeps also jumped in to the defend the DJ.

“You can say whatever you want about Lamiez but deep down you know gore ke chipi period!! 😍😍 🔥🔥,” said @SimthoBiyela along with a few stunning pics of the DJ.

@tumee_m_ added: “Trolling Lamiez or anybody on being proud and confident about their bodies Is probably the most miserable thing I’ve witnessed on social media. We need to start praying for people to have some self love.”

“Lamiez is beautiful and I love the fact that she knows that,” tweeted @MeshackBevhula. “Stop bodyshaming her.”

“That time Lamiez is so peaceful & hardworking. I think people can just be horrible for no reason at all 😩 I hate it here📍,” said @MissLesedi_M.

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