The media sector has become the centre of all industries.
The media sector has become the centre of all industries.

Where to study, what to study?

By Brandstories Time of article published Nov 25, 2021

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There has been drastic development in industry landscapes. Graduates who naturally flocked to industries that had success in the past now find themselves struggling for employment.

These sectors have become saturated however many people have not realised the shift and are still studying towards redundant fields. Change agents such as technology incorporating both the internet and mobile devices are some of the contributors that have down scaled such fields by offering more efficient and effective ways of completing certain tasks.

The same technologies however have also created vast opportunities and have stimulated a boom in certain sectors. The media sector has become the centre of all industries. McDonalds could not sell a burger and Toyota cannot sell a car without the support of the media sector, from the radio jingle “I’m loving it” to television adverts, billboards and magazines as well as online interactive website allowing you to customize and virtually experience the product.

Some of the exciting and prospering industries within the media sector include:

  • The Music Industry which includes Music Production & Sound Technology, DJ and Radio Production.
  • The Film & Television Industry compromising of Film & Television Production, Scriptwriting, Animation, Special Effects & Performing Arts.
  • The Marketing and Design Industry which now focuses strongly on digital marketing including interactive and social media supported by the design sector from graphic design, web design and not forgetting our day to day need for fashion design.
  • The Communication Industry has a direct and immediate relationship with the media sector and includes areas such as photography and journalism to name a few.

Creative Arts College facilitates accredited training across the media and communication sector as a whole which allows learners to engage with each other in different faculties as they would in the actual industry utilising industry equipment and processes. This certainly provides Creative Arts College Graduates with a competitive advantage.

Interested learners and parents are invited to attend an “open day” which shall inform you about the Creative Media Sector by providing insight into the various fields including the requirements, approach, expectations, scope and opportunities.

You will be taken on a tour of a world class media training facility that is the Creative Arts College. The open day takes place on Saturday the 2nd of October at the Durban and Pietermaritzburg campuses from 9:00am to 12pm. For more information please call 081 589 1088 or email [email protected]

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