Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way you reach and engage with your customers
Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way you reach and engage with your customers

Exploring career options in digital marketing

By Tamara Mafilika Time of article published Apr 27, 2021

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DIGITAL marketing have proved useful during Covid-19 as businesses strive to create an online presence to market themselves.

The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent every day. According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online.

Who is driving the content and how is it trending on all social media platforms?

The answer: a digital marketer sitting in a different corner of the country is deciding what your explore feed looks like.

If these conversations tickle your fancy, then you should explore a career in digital marketing.

It has shown great potential and has posed itself as a sector with significant employment opportunity.

Jay Rathod, the founder of Goal 2 Learn, has listed the career options available in digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With an increase in the demand of SEO services, job opportunities in the industry are at an all-time high. With a surge in online businesses due to the pandemic, a SEO specialist is needed by every organisation, brand and agency.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

The job role demands an individual to be well-versed in principles of search engine marketing (SEM) including SEO. The goal of every PPC professional is to improve online marketing efforts.

  • Social media marketing (SMM)

Behind every social media message there is a human messenger who conveys the company’s views to its consumers. A social media executive manages all social media channels, campaigns to engage with the right audience while creating a loyal customer base.

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM professionals are responsible for planning, implementing and managing the company's overall SEO strategy, covering a variety of duties such as web marketing, web analytics, content strategy and keyword strategy.

  • Web developer and web designer

The major role of a web designer is to create on a brand-new website or maintain the look, features of the site and associated applications. Web designers work closely with key development managers to keep the company’s website up to date.

  • Content writer

A content writer creates content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media and the company website, along with evaluating analytics to modify content as required, regularly updating the company's website and promoting the company blog by pitching articles to various platforms.

  • Digital agency account manager

An account manager acts as a link between the company and the client. They manage the clients accounts, listen to their needs and help them meet their objectives while ensuring customer satisfaction.


Digital marketing tactics have proved to be the most cost-effective way to reach potential customers. With so many communication channels available, the need for qualified individuals to keep up with the demands is rising.

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