The Daily News asked locals what they thought about the idea of vaccine passports.
The Daily News asked locals what they thought about the idea of vaccine passports.

Vaccine passports: what the people have to say

By Sinenhlanhla Zungu Time of article published Sep 15, 2021

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Mandla Methu

Mandla Methu, 62, from Mandeni

“I have not been vaccinated because I feel that the government has failed us. The vaccines issued are trials and, therefore, I am not yet convinced that I should vaccinate. Until they find a cure, only then will I be vaccinated. It is highly unfair for the government to start implementing vaccination passports that would limit people who have not been vaccinated, especially given the fact that vaccinating is still not mandatory. This is total abuse of power. They are shifting the focus away from real issues that have a negative impact on our economy. They should first monitor the passports and restricting around foreign nationals.”

Siphamandla Ngcobo

Siphamandla Ngcobo, 31, from Ladysmith

“I am still undecided whether or not I will vaccinate. I have heard a lot of negative things on social media about the experience of those who have already been vaccinated. My colleagues have also seen the side effects of vaccinating with some of their family members who have been vaccinated already. The only time I would vaccinate voluntarily is when I was offered a job and the terms and conditions required that I vaccinate.”

Sakhowethu Biyela

Sakhowethu Biyela, 27, from Nkandla

“I have not vaccinated as yet and that decision not to vaccinate was highly influenced by my background. Coming from a rural area, we men, especially hold the view that being vaccinated is a sign of weakness. We believe in our traditional ways when it comes to health. Vaccinating would be like looking down on our ways. Having seen Khuzani Mpungose, the traditional music artist, made me realise that we need to stop being stubborn and move with the times. If our taxi bosses would take the same route, I would definitely follow. I love watching football and if vaccinating and getting a passport is what it would take for me to vaccinate, then that’s definitely more reason for me to vaccinate.”

Vusisizwe Mkhize

Vusisizwe Mkhize, 61, from KwaMashu

“I am a man of God and I seek healing from Him, be it for Covid-19 or any other disease or virus and so for that reason I have not been vaccinated. The implementation of vaccination passports has created tantamount chaos. People are now divided and it is because of the government. It makes no sense for them to say vaccinating remains a choice while at the same time limiting movements by not allowing those who have not vaccinated to go to stadiums and cinemas or some other public places. The government is conflicted. They have no right to infringe on the movement rights of those who have chosen not to vaccinate. Let us all bear in mind that no one is above the Constitution and so they should allow citizens to exercise their rights.”

Menzi Nyathi

Menzi Nyathi, 29, from Glenwood

“I am still sceptical about vaccinating. I feel like the information that has been made public about the pandemic is not enough to convince me to. The vaccine passports have divided the nation and as soon as you start doing that, it is cause for concern. It is not fair that some would be granted access to certain places just because they have a vaccine passport while the vaccine itself was not mandatory.”

Silungile Majola

Silungile Majola, 22, from uMlazi

“I have not vaccinated yet because I am scared of the side effects that I have seen from people I know. However, I do think the implementation of vaccination passports is a good thing because it would allow people to travel again. If I had the means to travel, I would definitely get vaccinated so I could also get my vaccination passport and travel. These passports will definitely make us feel like the world is going back to our old normal.”

Nokukhanya Mkhize

Nokukhanya Mkhize, 40, uMlazi

“I vaccinated early because I saw it coming. When I was vaccinated I did think that with the government still having issues convincing others to vaccinate, taking such measures like the introduction of the passport would be a given. As an outgoing person, I did not want to take that chance so I vaccinated early.”

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